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Bureau Renovation Project

We can’t believe it is August already! We have a busy month ahead with 2 pop up shops planned (Saturday 5th & Saturday 26th) and a couple more commissions in the pipeline. We have also just celebrated our 1st anniversary, we have no idea where the last year has gone, it’s whizzed by!

This month we wanted to share a bureau commission that we have just completed.

It’s always a little daunting taking someone’s beloved, albeit worse for wear, piece of furniture and turning it into a stylish piece for the modern home.

Our preference has always been to put our own stamp on old vintage furniture and then a potential buyer can decide if it suits their home and style. However we decided to go for it after being asked to take on a project to revive a piece that our client had inherited and really wanted to use in a new workspace.

Having taken a brief and worked together to decide on colours and finishes the real work began. Here it is beforehand….


As with most old furniture projects, there is always more than initially meets the eye. After some thorough repairs including fixing a leg, an arm….(yes we are still talking about the bureau)….adding replacement beading and making a few alterations to make it more functional, it was sanded and prepped ready for painting.

We used a light grey paint on the outside of this one and after a few layers we used the wet sanding technique to ensure a smooth finish. The paintwork was sealed with a clear wax which enhanced the colour, features and characteristics of this piece of vintage furniture.

Once the inside was painted too (Farrow & Ball Dix Blue, one of our favourites) it was time to tackle the decoupage. We used old Penguin book cover postcards to create this look. Top tip, once stuck down and dried use a few layers of clear varnish and finish with a matt varnish coat. We much prefer a matt finish but if you use this for a few layers it can go cloudy so this way keeps the images clear.

Here it is after……


We’d love to hear what you think? Or maybe you’ve taken on a similar upcycling project..let us know below.

If you are visiting or live in/around the New Galloway, Castle Douglas area then we would love to see you at this weekend’s popup shop. We will be open 10am – 4pm Saturday 5th August and then again on Saturday 26th August.

See you there!

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