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Stool Renovation Project

So a little while back I saw the potential in a couple of small stools that were destined for the rubbish dump if nobody stepped in to buy them. They were well worn, over varnished and with a cheap green pvc fabric to the seat.

They have been lingering in the back of our workshop area for some time however we decided to get to work on them in time for our first pop up shop which takes place this Saturday 26th November 10am – 4pm High St, New Galloway.

They needed a makeover and I have shared their little transformation in case you want to try something similar.


First up, the seat part was unpicked and removed to leave an empty wooden frame which has been fully sanded to remove the build up of orange varnish and for this we used a hand sander and then a little elbow grease to get into the corners.

When we removed the seat fabric we found a very retro towelling fabric underneath, the original perhaps.

Very retro fabric that we discovered

The sanded wood looked great and you can really see the grain which I love so once sanded and cleaned down I gave the frames a few coats of danish oil. I used a soft cloth and applied a layer at a time leaving each coat to soak in and then repeated until the thirsty wood could absorb no more.

With the wooden seat frames sorted it was time to tackle the seat pad and fabric.

The foam padding was in good condition so after selecting our new fabrics, I was like a child in a sweet shop so this took some time, it was just a case of securing in place. We made sure the fabric was taut all the way around with the corners neatly tucked in and then used a heavy duty stapler.

We went for complementary fabrics rather than matching and a fat quarter of each did the job which kept the costs down.

After – these will be available to buy in our pop up shop this weekend

I would love to hear from you if you have taken on a similar project for the first time. Maybe you’re a seasoned professional when it comes to reupholstery and can share some tips as getting those corners right can be tricky!

Please leave your comments below.

Also we now have our new branding in place which we are delighted with. The website will benefit from a face-lift in the New Year so until then you can check out our Etsy store or why not follow us on twitter

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