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Vintage Crockery Obsession

I have unintentionally fallen victim to the charms of vintage crockery.

Not something I have ever really collected, I am now unable to resist it as I come across so many beautiful but unloved sets of vintage china and pottery that I can’t bear to leave them.

I know I can find them a good home and mostly they are in great condition just needing a very good clean and a platform to showcase their appeal.

I now know my Hornsea from my Meakin and Solian Ware from my H & K Tunstall and have become rather attached to our little collection…..but no more! I must not buy any more vintage crockery because it is getting a little out of hand!

Here are my favourites and if you are in the market for some lovely characterful vintage pottery please visit our Etsy store


I would love to know if you have any collections or items that you can’t resist buying…I can’t be the only one!

Please leave any comments below.

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