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Upcycled Interiors

It’s been sunny the last few days which means it’s time to crack on with any outdoor tasks whilst we can.

One of our many ongoing projects is converting an outbuilding into an outdoor kitchen to make the most of our outdoor space and have a great prep area for outdoor entertaining.

We obviously love all things vintage and any opportunity to upcycle so we have been looking for inspiration and collating ideas on how we can incorporate an upcycled interior into this outside space and room.

It is obviously on trend to do this currently as not only does it look good, is kind on your wallet but it is also environmentally friendly. As such there are lots of great places to seek inspiration, from Pinterest and Instagram through to new magazines such as Reclaim.

We are lucky enough to have old pallets lying around so hope to refashion these into cupboard doors. I have found old metal bars which will look great, if a little industrial, for hanging barbeque utensils and we are currently collecting old scaffolding boards to use as worktops. In addition we have sourced a second hand ceramic sink similar to a Belfast style sink but shallower for £10 via the Shpock website so we are hopeful it will all come together well.

I will share some photos once it’s finished but here is the blank canvas (although it has already taken hours of work to get it to this stage….believe it or not!!)

This was a damp, derelict outbuilding which has been rebuilt, new concrete floor and painted…now waiting for our upcycled interior

It’s great to be working on a room interior albeit outside as it’s been a while since the house renovation. All focus is now on the garden and outbuildings as we may only have a few months of kind weather.

If you have any creative upcycling ideas that can be applied to an outdoor kitchen or any other interior I would love to hear from you.

October 2016……

So this has taken a little longer than expected however as promised here are some photos now this has been completed.

I have to say a massive thank you to my other half who has been busy creating this outdoor kitchen in his spare time to fit the upcycled brief. We can’t wait to start using this new space!

Shown below are the reused quarry tiles which were a freebie and turned into a worktop, there are reclaimed pallet cupboard doors with vintage brass handles and some industrial detailing for our tap.

Here are some “after” shots of the room…..

Additional details include the shelves made from pallet wood, ex military lighting and a reclaimed ceramic sink.

I’d love to know what you think or if you have taken on any similar projects using old materials, please comment below.

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