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Holidays Are Coming

At this time of year there is a definite change where we live, the holiday season is upon us and local businesses who shut for winter have spruced up their frontage and cleaned like it is going out of fashion. This is to get ready for holidaymakers looking for tea and cake, leisure activities or information on the area. It is an uplifting time as after Easter the weather improves and everything seems to spring back to life, much like the season itself.

I was hoping to be further along with our little venture by now ready for a potentially busy period in our village. Those of you who read regularly will know we had aimed to have the website selling our wares and pop up shop events in the diaryย by summer to show off and sell our restored, handpainted furniture and vintage finds.

The truth is the pace of life is somewhat relaxed here and we have our own little personal challenges such as me being a stay at home mum to our now nearly 1 year old (where has that last year gone?!) which obviously is my priority and takes up LOTS of time! Nevertheless we are pushing forward and will keep you posted on our progress.

Anyhow back to holidays, whilst we live in a tourist area (UK holiday destination of the year according to Countryfile) we too need a break and are heading off soon to the Northumberland coast which will be a welcome break and great family time. It’s not quite Mauritius where my parents are currently on vacation or Greece where my sister’s little family are heading next month but with a little one and our crazy labradoodle in tow it will do just fine and I cannot wait!


I love heading out of the area especially across to the East coast as there are loads of great places to pick up second-hand furniture and vintage finds which is my favourite past time….I just need to leave some room in the car…not an easy task.

Whether you are staying at home, holidaying in the UK or abroad taking time out is so important and I love meandering through villages with lots of little homeware and antique shops and stopping off for a well earned treat on the way (coffee and cake in our case) so enjoy any time off you have and if your stuck for destinations Dumfries and Galloway should definitely be considered!

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