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A Supportive & Positive Community

I have been thinking a lot about different work industries and the differences in culture and support networks both face to face and on social media.

I have already experienced, a short time after leaving behind a 14 year career in the recruitment sales and advertising industry, a dramatic change.


For example I have gone from environments where the competition is seen as the enemy and you keep your tips for success close to your chest in order to survive such a cutthroat environment, to a world where like minded business owners and sole traders are happy to share ideas, best practice and examples of their work.

I have always thought competition is healthy and spurs you on to achieve and especially now with restoring, handpainting and upcycling furniture there is plenty of room to compete and a wide variety of unique styles. In addition the amount of “competition” just goes to show how in demand this industy now is and how the trend for upcycling and buying upcycled items is booming. You only have to watch television to see how popular it has become, think of Fill Your House For Free and The Great Interior Design Challenge.

On social media in particular there are relevant and dedicated times to gather together and take part in discussions to do with upcycling, buying preloved furniture and homewares and showing off your remade creations.

People in similar situations and those with well established successful businesses are happy to share top tips and tricks of the trade in a positive and supportive community.

Whilst my situation is one of circumstance I have never felt more part of a thriving and enjoyable industry so this is a thank you to everyone that has been so welcoming and encouraging.


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