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There’s No Escaping Great Ideas

So last week I went on a little road trip to see my family with little one in tow, always a mammoth task getting us all packed up and ready to go as anyone with children will understand. Thankfully I managed to ship our dog off to the in laws saving me from a 4 hour journey enduring eau de labradoodle.

Remember that I live in a very small rural village so I love being able to catch up on some retail therapy and coffee culture whenever I am away, at the end of a walk one morning we found a little cafe so we could grab a coffee and have a natter whilst little one was napping.

We went to this great place and whilst the fresh baking and amazing cakes were calling it was the innovative lighting that caught my eye.

There are examples of upcycling everywhere you go and this was no exception as they had jazzed up their over counter lighting with cotton napkins/handkerchiefs and it looked really good…here are a couple of photos…

They also had an industrial style light which looked like it could have been made as I often see these kind of lights upcycled from mason jars…


Afterwards we walked through the village and popped into the local antiques store, the owner had once lived in France and ships a lot of his furniture over from there which shows with lots of shabby chic painted pieces and objet d’art.

I should also mention that my parents have just completed a kitchen renovation project so I was surrounded by interior inspiration as well, think fabric swatches, artwork choices, mirror and lighting installations. Having heard of the progress from afar it was great to see the finishing touches being chosen and put into place. They chose some interesting features such as a smoked glass splashback and low hanging vintage style lighting which looked great.

So even when you are taking a break away it just goes to show you can’t escape talking shop and spotting some great ideas and examples of great interiors and upcycling.

Have you seen any quirky upcycled pieces on your travels or gained inspiration for a furniture project unexpectedly? If so I would love to hear from you……

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