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Displaying Vintage Collections

This week I wanted to collate some of my favourite pictures of vintage collections, it is all well and good buying all these great vintage pieces but how can you enjoy and admire them?

A great idea especially if you are drawn to the same items time and time again is to build a collection and then find a creative way to display them around the home, for me it’s art deco style mirrors, baskets or shoe lasts that I can’t resist.

Here are my favourite displays gathered from Pinterest…….

First up is this colour coordinated collection of jade kitchenalia, it is the colour and theme that link all these pieces together creating a strong visual display (image originates from the farmhouse porch blog)……

jadeite in hutch 2014 fp

Next up is a collection of mirrors clustered together on 1 wall, I love that these are all unique and you can admire each one….as well as yourself! Vain, moi?……


Another favourite is using glass jars to house items which you may use for your hobbies such as vintage buttons, paintbrushes, twine and lace for example. I have also seen vintage glass door knobs displayed in this way or under a cloche which looks really good…

I love old wooden spoons but if you don’t like the idea of actually using them once you have collected them and have limited space in the kitchen this could be an ideal way to admire them and the craftsmanship that goes into carving them….


Here is a variety of kitchen memorabilia and illustrations displayed cleverly in a vintage printer’s drawer…..


I hope you like the collections I have chosen and that this has given you some creative ideas how to enjoy and display your favourite vintage finds.

What vintage items are you drawn to or do you collect? How do you prefer to display them? I would love to hear from you, please comment below.

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