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A Mix of Old & New

I didn’t really need an excuse to drive the 20 miles to my favourite homeware store but I did need to buy a gift and some cards. 20 miles may seem a bit excessive however living here, which is very rural, you get used to clocking up the miles and when there are no traffic jams and you can admire the scenery en route you soon get used to it, and enjoy “popping to the shops”.

Once there I was looking at the new displays (I am a marketers dream!) and was delighted to see they had started to mix in some vintage furniture and pieces to create interest. Usually home to all brand new items they also had a corner dedicated to selling a few vintage treasures including some pretty little crystal bowls and art deco jugs.

For display purposes they had an open vintage suitcase as a shelf, some sort of old cart maybe for fruit!? This was stacked with supersoft blankets and then a dresser which had been stripped right back.


The overall effect was great, I obviously bought into it as I love vintage furniture and one off pieces however it really showcased their stock and gave a better sense of how their products might look in your home.

A lot of retailers both independent and national chain stores source vintage furniture and props to enhance their visual merchandising all with the aim of selling more of their products, imagine if it was your job to source an old vintage bicycle or a trombone for a window display.

It just goes to show that even if you are selling clothes or modern furniture there is always a place for vintage wares.

Have you spotted any old furniture being used in this way? If so I would love to know, please comment below.

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