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The Ercol Dresser Project

So this week I have been cracking on with the ercol dresser upcycling project, I have been putting off anything of this size as trying to fit in big projects can sometimes be challenging.

What with being a full time mum, dog walker and then sourcing vintage items as well as then upcycling and trying to get the website up and running, I have been pretty busy!

Having completed a few smaller projects throughout January and having secured some great vintage homewares I decided to take on this bigger item.

I chose to document this project to spur me on with the hope of completing it this week… is a photo of the dresser as it started out on Monday 

2016-01-31 13.22.59

I am going to give the top a natural finish and handpaint the rest in a duck egg blue chalk paint. I will be doing the messy wire wool work today with the hope of starting to paint tomorrow.

Tuesday – So I was totally unrealistic thinking I would be able to get all the sanding work done yesterday, the dark varnish is thick and taking a lot longer to remove than anticipated. I am half way through but did only manage an hour at lunch and 30 minutes in the evening, the Great Interior Design Challenge (GIDC) started last night……well it would be rude not to watch it and it’s all anyone’s talking about on Twitter! Better luck today.

Wednesday -I hadn’t realised the GIDC was on all week! I have recorded it so no excuses, yesterday evening I managed to finish stripping back the top, I had to use a course grade sand paper in the end which was much more effective then finish with a grade zero wire wool. I am now looking forward to starting on the painting.

Here is a photo before painting commences…..


Thursday – So yesterday was quite productive, I worked really hard last night to get one coat of chalk paint on the drawers, plate rack and doors, I even managed to paint a bit of the dog’s leg….by mistake!!

Friday – I was very pleased with how Thursday worked out, my little one had an extra long nap in the day so got a second coat on everything now apart from the main sideboard frame. Took the night off…to catch up on GIDC!

Work in progress…..

Saturday – I decided to use a dark wax over the paintwork to give an aged effect so got going on that during Friday and also painted the frame so all on track.

Top tip – mix the dark wax with some clear and build up slowly as it is a very strong colour and a little goes a long way, finish with an all over coat of clear and leave for 24 hours before repeating the process.

Sunday – So on Saturday the main sideboard frame got it’s second coat of paint and then the wax treatment later in the day.

And today (Sunday) I have oiled the natural wood and covered all the paintwork with another coat of wax, I will leave it now to cure for 30 days which will ensure that the paintwork is protected and will withstand wear and tear for longer.

I am delighted to share the end result, I would love to hear your thoughts and see what you think of it so please comment below.


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