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House Renovation….Satisfying Or Nightmare?

I have touched on in a previous post about our big move but may not have mentioned the state of our house before it became a home.

We knew what we were buying, an old, damp, empty house, it needed gutting and to be stripped right back so the stone could breathe.

After the essential repairs to ensure it was watertight we had damp proofing, stud walls, replastering and then we started from scratch with the walls, floors and then decor and furniture.

The house was almost complete when our bundle of joy arrived and we have been able to enjoy it since but looking back I can’t help but question was it a satisfying challenge or actually a bit of a nightmare that I wouldn’t be willing to do again….especially now with a little one and a crazy dog in tow?

We have also just discovered that one of the causes of water getting into the property was misdiagnosed and as such are having our roof partially replaced in spring, the cost of buying such an old property can be endless.

I thought I would share some before and after shots with you starting with what is now a dressing room, we used this room initially as the world’s smallest study –

Here is our living room before, during and after

This is a little reading corner in our bedroom next to the unearthed fireplace, we now have a cosy woodburner –

Looking at these photos again does make me realise it was worthwhile, just not a project I would rush to repeat!

Have you been involved in a house renovation project? Was it worthwhile or are you still in the midst of a transformation and starting to regret it? I would love to hear from you.

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