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Shopping Our Way

So today we have been to an antique, vintage and collectibles fair in Ayrshire. We were hoping to snap up some vintage finds, unique furniture and interesting objet d’art all in the name of upcycling and to bring you some interesting and one off pieces for your home. Whilst it was a slow start we ended up with a few purchases which I feel confident will appeal.

Shopping the Backroom Vintage way can be hit and miss, you may be eager to find a certain item for the home or be as open as we are to seeing something that just catches your eye that you can see potential in.

The difficulty being that you have to get your hands dirty, rummage and barter to get the treasures that others may regard as rubbish.


Think of it this way, you go into your favourite clothes shop during the summer sales and all you can see are piles of crumpled clothes scattered everywhere from all those crazy bargain hunters, not exactly the shopping experience you are used to. What are you missing out on, could it be worth joining in and maybe you will find that amazing jacket you couldn’t afford at full price or discover an ever so versatile style staple that you weren’t looking for but now can’t live without?

Needless to say I have honed my skills over the years of seeking out furniture and homewares that are begging to be rediscovered, reloved and restored. With a quick rummage and scan over items I quickly know if there is something of interest.

Shopping our way may result in a few duff buys to start with, I have ever changing collections and displays at home to incorporate new treasures which gives me the opportunity to switch out items that I thought I loved or could do something with but in hindsight realise I must have been having an off day.

The truth is I love doing this and as with most my posts the message is we all have individual tastes and styles so there will be bargains to be had for all. Whilst you might have to be quick to get your hands on more trend led items that have come back into fashion it is very rare that I come home with nothing.

Here is a sneak peek at some of today’s purchases…….

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