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The One That Got Away

It all started on a family trip to Southwold, on our way to visit Aldeburgh, we saw a big car boot sale so stopped as you do to see what hidden treasures we could find, one man’s rubbish…and all that.

At the time we were living in Cheshire and had just put an offer in on a house in Scotland (where we now live, so all worked out well) with the hope of relocating. The process was challenging and complex what with property laws, our jobs etc but that’s another story.

Anyhow not one to pass up the opportunity to buy something, anything really that might one day fit into our dream home, we had a good scour.

Turns out car boots down South have a good quality of unwanted items, it was bargains galore.

I spotted and quickly snapped up some art deco trinkets and moved onto the next stall, I immediately saw a large persian style rug the kind that costs hundreds and shyed away telling my husband it would be too expensive.


Whilst we perused their other offerings, with hubby nagging me to go and discuss the rug price with the owner, another couple swooped in and were man handling said rug. I stared aghast especially when inevitably they marched off with it under their arms for the pricely sum of……. £10.00!

This was a real turning point for me, and a moment my husband never let’s me forget, that you can pick up really great stuff from car boot sales for not very much money and there really is nothing to be afraid of if you need to negotiate a little.

Whilst haggling is stereotypically not really a British trait I have no idea why I had an issue with it having worked in sales for 15 years. I think I was afraid of either not being able to afford it or worse offending them with a cheeky offer.

Lesson learnt, ever since that day if I see a one-off item I ask myself if I am prepared to lose it and if not I buy it there and then.

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